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Summer Plans

Posted in Uncategorized on May 15th, 2011 by Alex – 488 Comments

As summer draws nearer and nearer, I find myself fantasizing even more about the grand projects I’d like to work on. What is it about the warming of the weather that stirs the blood?

I want to fuse a Zune connector directly into my car’s stereo. I want to repaint all my 360 controllers. I want to fix my old laptop. I want to build a cider press and an outdoor smoker and an automatic brew kettle. I want to saw and solder until my hands fall off, then code until my eyes fall out. Why?

It’s not that I’ll have any more time this summer than I have right now. In fact, I should have less. Why oh why am I cursed with so many fantastic ideas, but never the time to implement them?