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Terrible Morning

Posted in Uncategorized on August 17th, 2009 by Alex – 483 Comments

This morning was supposed to go like this:

6:50-7:00 Alarm goes off, getting out of bed stuff
7:00-7:30 Read News
7:30-8:00 Shower
8:00-8:15 Call Strong, schedule bloodwork
8:15-8:45 Drive to work
8:45: Arrive at work, ready to go

6:50-7:00 Alarm does not go off.
7:00-9:26 I sleep, unaware
9:27-9:28 Find phone, Strong’s number
9:29-9:36 I call Strong, sit on hold.
9:37-9:45 I try to explain to the operator that I need an appointment with the lab, she isn’t getting it
9:46-9:51 Operator suggests I might want to make an appointment with a local physician
9:52-9:55 I explain I already have a doctor, he has ordered this bloodwork
9:56-10:15 Operator gives me phone numbers and addresses for three OB-GYNs I might like
10:14-10:15 Frustrated, I thank her and hang up
10:16-10:18 I call my doctor’s office, ask what I should do. Nice lady suggests I try explaining again, and if I have trouble to call back
10:19-10:21 I try to explain to the new operator that I need to schedule tests
10:21-10:22 She suggests I get an appointment with a local physician, get an exam, and he can schedule the tests if he thinks they’re necessary
10:22-10:23 I explain that I don’t need another doctor to tell me I need them, because I already have a doctor, and he has ordered these tests
10:23-10:27: She puts me on hold to “consult with a supervisor”
10:28-10:28: She returns, asks if perhaps we are misunderstanding each other because I am looking for a local primary care physician, not OB-GYN.
10:29-10:29: I reiterate that I have a doctor, and he has ordered these tests, and ask if his office just needs to call and schedule them
10:29: She finally replies, yes, you have to go through your doctor to schedule things
10:30-10:33 I thank her and hang up, and call my doctor’s office back and inform the nice lady there that she needs to schedule the stuff. I give her Strong’s number, and she takes down what tests were ordered.
10:35 I finally leave for work
10:38-11:33 End up behind Slowy McSlowerton, a white pickup that insists on going at least 10 mph below any posted speed limit
10:56-10:58 Delays near 252-65 intersection
11:08-11:14 Sit in traffic, apparently they decided to dig up every 10 feet or so of the westbound lane of 96 through half of Pittsford, taking a long section of already-busy road down to 1 lane
11:36 Finally arrive at work, crazy late.